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    Ultimate Tablesaw Crosscut Sled Fence

    A sturdy, accurate (meaning it cuts perfectly square, at 90-degrees) crosscut sled is perhaps one of the most useful workshop jigs a woodworker can have.

    Ed_Pirnik | May 21, 2014
    Tapered Legs with a Circular Saw

    While browsing the wide array of woodworking jig ideas uploaded by readers of Fine Woodworking magazine to our sister site, FineWoodworking.com<

    Ed_Pirnik | Oct 24, 2013
    Build a Simple Tenoning Jig for the Tablesaw

    While building a small cherry cabinet recently, I decided to construct a simple door using bridle joints.

    Ed_Pirnik | Jan 16, 2013
    How to Cut Perfect Circles on a Bandsaw

    Although the vast majority of furniture projects require square and rectangular components, most woodworkers will eventually need to cut a circle.

    Ed_Pirnik | Jul 12, 2012
    Simple Tablesaw Sled Yields Super-Precise Cuts
    Learn how to build a crosscut sled for your tablesaw that's precise, simple, and good for the long haul.
    StartWoodworking | Mar 7, 2012
    Build a Jig for Hidden Spline Joinery

    We've covered the use of exposed splines in box construction before, but what happens when you don't want to interrupt a n

    StartWoodworking | Feb 23, 2012
    Build a Woodworking Jig for Better Boxes

    Learn how to build a simple woodworking jig that allows you to cut spline slots in the corners of your boxes.

    Ed_Pirnik | Jun 21, 2011
    Tablesaw Sleds

    A tablesaw is one of the most useful tools in a furniture makers shop. You can create a host of jigs and sleds to boost the tool's effectiveness.

    Steve_Latta | Nov 8, 2010
    Shopmade Push Blocks

    These handy, shopmade devices keep your fingers from harms way when using machines like the tablesaw, jointer, bandsaw, and router table.

    AsaC | Nov 8, 2010
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