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    About this Gallery
    2 years in a kitchen - a new workshop in the making

    2 yars ago I moved to Belgium, I have been working out of my kitchen and utility room, whilst I rebuilt the rest of the house.

    WoodorkingBE | Aug 2, 2012
    Studio Apartment Shop

    How one woodworker carves out shop space in a tiny Manhattan apartment

    Stephen Scott | Nov 5, 2010
    Woodshop Al Fresco

    A "shop" on your back deck

    Stephany | Nov 5, 2010
    Tokyo Dungeon Shop

    It's no beginning woodoworker's shop, but Stuart Ablett shows what you can do with a tiny space and a lot of ingenuity with his Dungeon Workshop in downtown Tokyo (watch the vi

    AsaC | Nov 5, 2010
    Tiny Japanese Workshop

    Dual purpose apartment/workshop space

    Aaron_Dye | Nov 5, 2010
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