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    Shopmade Push Blocks

    These handy, shopmade devices keep your fingers from harms way when using machines like the tablesaw, jointer, bandsaw, and router table.

    Read more on how to make and use them in these articles:

    Using Push Sticks: http://beta.startwoodworking.com/post/using-push-sticks

    Tablesaw Push Sticks: http://beta.startwoodworking.com/post/push-stick-tablesaw

    Push Blocks for the Jointer: http://beta.startwoodworking.com/post/push-blocks-jointer

    Bandsaw Push Stick: http://beta.startwoodworking.com/post/bandsaw-push-stick

    Router Table Push Stick: http://beta.startwoodworking.com/post/router-table-push-stick