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    Tokyo Dungeon Shop

    It's no beginning woodoworker's shop, but Stuart Ablett shows what you can do with a tiny space and a lot of ingenuity with his Dungeon Workshop in downtown Tokyo (watch the video below). Space is at such premium that he has to enter through a hatch in a parking area.




    It's only supposed to be a storage space, so plumbing is not allowed. Instead, Ablett of Family Woodworking gets his water supply from his dehumidifier. If you make it through to the end of the video, you'll get to see Ablett's dungeon "annex" through a hidden porthole.

    For more, check out a video to see how Ablett got his new tablesaw into his tiny woodshop. Or, watch this short video clip that Ablett shot while contributing editor Garrett Hack was in Japan this winter.