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    Variation on Gregory Paolini's Arts and Crafts Bookcase (FWW #179, Sep/Oct 2005)

    I'm a novice hobby woodworker.  This is my first crack at anything leaning towards "fine woodworking".  It was inspired by Gregory Paolini's Arts and Crafts bookcase that appeared in FWW magazine (#179, Sep/Oct 2005).  Because I still don't own a planer or jointer, I used home center 3/4" S4S red oak (and 1/4" plywood for the side and back panels), and so I had to change the dimensions slightly from the original plan - not quite a "beefy" as Paolini's version.  This project was a challenge for my skill level with many "firsts" for me: mortise and tenon joinery, frame and panel construction, vacuum press veneering, and the finishing process.  I began the finish with a diluted amber dye, then used two different colors of gel stain (teak first, followed by dark walnut), and finally several coats of wipe-on poly.