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    Carpet Cleaner Service
    by dirtalert | November 7, 2015
    Unlock the Secrets of the Lock Miter Joint

    Most budding woodworkers start out building boxes of one sort or another—and while miter joints are relatively easy to cut, they leave a lot to be desired in terms of strength.

    by Ed_Pirnik | October 31, 2013
    Build a Flush-Trim Base for Your Router

    Most woodworkers are inveterate tinkerers.

    by Ed_Pirnik | April 17, 2013
    Simple Tip for Tighter Mortise-and-Tenon Joints

    When I first began cutting mortise-and-tenon joints, I followed a simple routine that worked well, but wasn't quite up to the caliber of some of the furniture I was seeing on a regular basis

    by Ed_Pirnik | April 11, 2013
    Secrets to Mitered Box Making

    Dovetailed boxes are beautiful but let's face it: dovetails are difficult to cut.

    by StartWoodworking | November 20, 2012
    Joinery Basics

    Joinery is one of the most essential elements of woodworking and furniture making. Almost everything you build from wood will require parts to be joined in one way or another.

    by StartWoodworking | October 11, 2012
    Major blunders of kitchen remodeling

    Have you thought of Kitchen cabinets online remodeling with your own ideas?

    by RickHardcastle | April 30, 2012
    Box Joint Jig Handles Drawer Joinery with Ease

    Learn how to build and use a clever tablesaw jig for perfect box joints.

    by StartWoodworking | April 19, 2012
    Making a Small Wooden Box, Part 1

    Learn the basics of box building, including: cutting mitered corners, box glue-up, cutting splines, and much more...

    by StartWoodworking | January 10, 2012
    Hardwood Edging for Small Boxes

    Learn how to add hardwood edging of a contrasting color for more beautiful boxes.

    by Ed_Pirnik | December 14, 2011
    How to Build a Router Jig for Perfect Dadoes

    A handheld router is an incredibly versatile tool, and when you're just starting out, it's among the four most useful handheld power tools you can have in your arsenal.

    by Ed_Pirnik | November 9, 2011
    Refinement to a simple jig

    I loved seeing my jig design for cutting miter spline slots used in making Ed Pirnik's Beaufiful Re

    by DougStowe | July 8, 2011
    How to Use Pocket Hole Joinery

    Pocket holes are a fast and efficient method of joinery that any novice woodworker can handle.

    by Ed_Pirnik | June 1, 2011
    A Router Guide For Any Groove

    This router guide can be used confidently in a variety of applications using any number and types of grooves

    by Troy_Bouffard | March 11, 2011
    How to Make and Use a Mini Miter Block

    My father often reminded me to use the "right tool for the right job." He was right and over time that wisdom developed into many jigs in my shop.

    by Troy_Bouffard | March 10, 2011
    How to Choose the Right Joint for the Job

    An overview of which joints to use when

    by Mario_Rodriguez | November 11, 2010
    Basics of Rabbets and Grooves

    Where they're appropriate to use and how to reinforce them.

    by AsaC | November 11, 2010