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  • Making Furniture

    Carpet Cleaner Service
    by dirtalert | November 7, 2015
    Simple Sanding Jig Solves a Big Problem on Custom Box

    It’s fairly common to mount hinges in a box with the hinge barrel being located in such a way that it is bisected by the box side.

    by StartWoodworking | May 15, 2014
    Simple Method for Squaring a Case

    If you're a budding woodworker, you know the importance of measuring a case--be it a cabinet, box, drawer, whatever--for square.

    by Ed_Pirnik | May 5, 2014
    Cutting Board Made Wife Happy

    This is my second cutting board. I tried to make an end grain, but it exploded in my palnner. I wouldn't recommend running an end grain anything through a plannner.

    by pastorsteve70x7 | April 16, 2014

    When it comes time to get new furniture, many people think their only option is to check out nearby furnishing stores.

    by redcypamiz | March 20, 2014
    Protect Your Woodworking Projects with Magnetic Clamp Pads

    Metal woodworking clamps are capable of exerting a great deal of pressure, and all that pressure can result in some serious dings in your projects when it comes time to cinch down a clamp.

    by StartWoodworking | March 6, 2014
    Hardwood Edging—Twice as Fast

    If you ever find yourself having to apply hardwood edging to several shelves—say for a bookcase built using furniture-grade plywood, you could rip each 1/4-in.

    by Ed_Pirnik | January 23, 2014

    These days, the easy availability of branded items is turning us all into prolific spenders.

    by Paul_Nach_ | July 1, 2013

    My wife bought me a pretty nice mitre saw for Christmas. Double bevel, sliding, the works. My task, build shelving that wraps around a corner with invisible mounts.

    by dv8withn8 | December 20, 2012
    Five Minute Guide to Glue-Ups

    Furniture glue-ups can be one of the most stressful times for any woodworker. Once the glue goes on your components, the clock starts ticking.

    by StartWoodworking | November 7, 2012
    A Complete Finish in a Day


    Oil, shellac, and wax are a foolproof combo for a quick finish

    by StartWoodworking | September 13, 2012
    Choosing the Right Furniture Finish

    Learn how to choose the best finish for all your woodworking and furniture projects

    by StartWoodworking | September 7, 2012
    How to Revive an Old Furniture Finish

    by StartWoodworking | August 23, 2012

    Aerosol Finishes for Woodworking

    Don't underestimate the power of aerosolized finishes for hobbyist woodworkers. By following a few simple guidelines, anyone can achieve spectacular results.

    by StartWoodworking | July 19, 2012
    Major blunders of kitchen remodeling

    Have you thought of Kitchen cabinets online remodeling with your own ideas?

    by RickHardcastle | April 30, 2012
    Easy Arts and Crafts Finish

    By combining water-based dyes with oil-based stains, you can mimic the rich, warm look of antique Arts & Crafts furniture, without dangerous fuming techniques.

    by StartWoodworking | April 25, 2012
    Simple Trick for Filling Holes in Hardwood

    by Ed_Pirnik | April 12, 2012

    How to Install Butt Hinges

    Installing Butt Hinges

    by StartWoodworking | January 11, 2012
    Simple 3-Part Furniture Finish

    Learn how to apply an easy three-part finish to your furniture projects.

    by Ed_Pirnik | November 2, 2011
    How to Hide Flat-Sawn Wood Grain

    About a week ago I began construction of a Shaker-style writing desk in pine. For anyone just starting out in woodworking, I can't recommend pine and poplar enough.

    by Ed_Pirnik | October 12, 2011
    Screws and Plugs for Rock-Solid Joinery

    Using screws to reinforce dado joints in bookcase shelves is a great way to ensure your furniture lasts a liftime, but how do you hide those ugly screw heads?

    by Ed_Pirnik | September 27, 2011
    How to Mill Lumber

    Milling lumber can often seem overwhelming to novice woodworkers but truth-be-told, it's not as hard as it may seem. In this video, woodworker Bob Van Dyke walks you through every

    by Bob_VanDyke | August 11, 2011
    The Vasa: Salvaging the World's Largest Woodworking Blunder

    If you visit the most popular tourist attraction in Sweden, you won’t find yourself in the midst of an amusement park, strolling through a 20 acre shopping mall or standing atop an 80 stor

    by spikeradio | July 19, 2011
    The Mysterious Case of the Exploding Shellac Can

    Two reasons you should always check the date of manufacture when purchasing shellac.

    by Ed_Pirnik | June 27, 2011
    How to Refinish Furniture: Step-by-Step Video and Free Download

    How to refinish furniture by Ed_Pirnik | May 9, 2011

    How to Refinish Furniture with an Antique Look

    When it comes to refinishing furniture, DIYers can quickly get lost amid the dozens-upon-dozens of finishing options.

    by Ed_Pirnik | April 14, 2011
    Assembling a Face Frame with Pocket Screws

    A quick and easy strategy for building face frames.

    by Robert_Settich | January 25, 2011
    Video: How to Use the Jointer Safely

    Proper technique and push sticks will help you use this essential milling tool safely.

    by AsaC | January 3, 2011

    By Robert J. Settich

    This article originally appeared in Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Choosing & Installing Hardware (2003.)

    by StartWoodworking | December 9, 2010
    Mixing and Applying Wax

    Great product for decorating or protecting a wood surface

    by Peter_Gedrys | November 23, 2010
    Cutting Parts to Size

    How to turn rough lumber into straight, flat, square furniture parts

    by Stuart_Lipp | November 23, 2010
    How to Use a Card Scraper

    Card scrapers offer a surface that even smoother than sandpaper

    by Bob_VanDyke | November 16, 2010
    Surface Prep 101

    Sand, scrape or plane? There are many ways to prep a surface for a finish

    by AsaC | November 16, 2010
    Tips for Fixing Mistakes

    Easy repairs for common woodworking errors

    by AsaC | November 16, 2010
    Basics on Installing Hardware

    The basics of installing hinges and pulls

    by AsaC | November 16, 2010
    Rudiments of Tabletop Glue-Up

    Tips for panel glue-ups

    by AsaC | November 16, 2010
    No Mess Glue-ups

    Keep the glue in your joints and away from your surfaces to finish

    by Jeff_Jewitt | November 11, 2010
    A Time and a Place for Every Finishing Method

    Should you use a wipe-on, brush-on, or spray finish?

    by Mark_Schofield | November 11, 2010
    Basics of Frame-and-Panel Construction

    This construction method is a popular method for making doors, cabinetry, and a variety of furniture and architectural components.

    by AsaC | November 10, 2010
    Our Favorite Finishes

    Selecting a finish can be a daunting task. Here are a few of the more common furniture finishes out there, with information on the benefits and downsides of each.

    by StartWoodworking | November 9, 2010
    Making a Cutlist

    An accurate list helps you get just the right amount of lumber

    by Philip_Lowe | November 3, 2010