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    Build a Rustic Toilet Paper Holder

    more on woodworking safety

    Tools and Materials

    Here's a little weekend project you can make in about an hour. I admit, it isn't glamorous, and it isn't a show piece, but this simple little toilet paper holder was a blast to make. It was really fun to incorporate a rock into the construction. I could see the same technique being used for a plant stand, a music stand, or a lamp. Actually a lamp would be cool... I think that will be next on the project list.

    How to Make

    Begin with a piece of wood about 1 1/4-in. wide by 1-in. thick by 34-in. long.

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    1. Cut a section off the top about the length of a toilet paper roll and add about three inches.

    2. Cut a 2-in. tenon on one end of the short piece and add a mortise for a small wedge.

    3. Carve the rest of the piece roughly round, but leave about an inch on the end square.

    4. Cut a mortise near the top of the long section.

    5. Fit the tenon to the mortise and make the small wedge.

    6. Make a few bandsaw cuts up from the bottom on both sides, about 12" long.

    7. I soaked the long piece in very hot water for about a 1/2 hour. (Not sure if it helped, but I figured it couldn't hurt.)

    8. Have a cup of coffee while you walk around the yard looking for a flat rock that's just the right size.

    9. Take the long piece out of the tub and splay the legs around the rock. I added a few copper rivets above each bandsaw cut to prevent splitting.

    10. Use a masonry bit to drill pilot holes in the rock and tap in copper nails.