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    Microwave Hutch

    more on woodworking safety

    Tools and Materials


    I have been a fan of the fine woodworking webs site for a long time now. I am so glad that you have decided to open up another web site for beginners like myself.

    I am new to this forum and blogging. Starting my own woodworking project, was a thrill. I have done small projects before with my dad but this one was done mostly by me. My dad did help me with it initially. I consider myself an amateur and definitely nowhere in comparison to some of the work i have seen on this site.

    This project was done in the year 2008, so i cannot find any of my project plans or drawings. I do apologise for not being able to post any such details.

    I built this hutch because my wife needed some storage room in the kitchen and she also wanted to put the microwave in a place other than next to the sink. So i decided to make that my first major home project. Actually I did make some pullout drawers for her in one of our deep and narrow cabinets in the kitchen so she can better utilize the space. However I shall treat this as my first.

    I have learnt so much from Find wood working that i will probably be able to do a better job now than i did in 2008 with the tools i had. See tool list below

    Here is one picture i found, if i find more i will post them or probably take more pics and post them later. 

    Any questions and comments are most welcome.

    How to Make

    buildig the box

    build the box firstclick to enlarge

    build the box first: Since i have no description i am just going to write something to explain how i did it. I built the lower box first; once the box was done it had four sides and the metal channels that accepted the pull out drawers.

    build the top and stand

    build the box firstclick to enlarge

    Building the top. : The top is just two pieces of wood that are placed into position on the box with two dowels on each side. They are joint on the top and at the back for sturdiness and a shelf on pins in-between. The initial photo did not have the rack for wine glasses but i added that later. A piece that was not meant to go with the original but i made it fit. the stand is actual pieces of 2" x 2", that were joint at 45 degrees on the corners and cut at 45 to provide space for the feet when standing at the hutch. Considering the tools i had this stand was tough to make back then. I did struggle with it.