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    Accurate Cuts on Long Workpieces

    The simple stop block—when coupled with a well-built crosscut sled—excels at making repeatable cuts to a consistent length. What happens when the length of your final workpiece is longer than your crosscut sled’s fence is able to accommodate however?

    Enter: hook stop. A hook stop is nothing more than a long auxiliary fence with a hook at the end. The stop gets clamped onto your crosscut sled’s fence. You can adjust it any way you like. It’s the perfect solution for longer furniture components.

    A conventional stop block works great for smaller workpieces. Just clamp it to your crosscut sled's fence and you can make accurate, repeatable cuts.

    But what happens when you attempt to crosscut pieces that are longer than the distance from the sled's saw kerf to the end of the fence?

    That's where a hook stop comes into play. It's nothing more than a long workpiece with a hook on one end. Clamp it to your fence and position it with the hook catching the end of your workpiece. Bingo: repeatable cuts for long workpieces.