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    Five tips for repurposing household items

    These days, the easy availability of branded items is turning us all into prolific spenders. For every little need that arises within our homes, be it for practical or asethetic purposes, we tend to go on a shopping spree. Why splurge all your hard earned money on whimsical and often needless purchases, when most of our closets and garages and basements are overflowing with stuff, some broken, some just plain outdated? With a little patience and imagination all these can be repurposed into exciting and beautiful home décor items at little or no cost. And they are also extremely eco-friendly. All it takes is a bit of your time. Here are some of the more imaginative and easy suggestions on repurposing general household items that are easily available:


    Need to find a creative and tasteful receptacle for all your favorite books? There are numerous household items that can be repurposed or recycled to create great looking book shelves. A much better option when compared to forking out hundreds of dollars to buy one readymade or have one custom made. Here are some innovative resources that can be used to create some great looking bookshelves.

    • Ladder: hang an old ladder horizontally on your wall and add some extra space at the base with additional wood to make a great rustic looking bookshelf. The rungs of the ladder can support the books.
    • Old Crates can also be repurposed into handy bookshelves or display cases hung on walls.


    • Old spools offer a cool new take on bookshelves with a round body and revolving design.

    Lamps and lamp-shades

    There are an endless number of options when it comes to creating awesome lampshades for your home décor. Try using an old colander from your kitchen to create a great cozy lamp for your favorite nook in the house. Old crystal jars or colored bottles can also be used to create vibrant lamps to light up your indoor environments. Old wire baskets can be repurposed into beautiful pendant lamps.

    Repurposing old doors

    You can end up with a collection of old wooden doors if you renovate your house with modern interior doors. Instead of consigning these pieces of wood to the junkyard, with a little effort, they can be repurposed into a variety of home décor items, classy, rustic or kitschy. Of course, having a measure of experience in carpentry can be a big plus when it comes to wooden articles like doors. You might also need some help in handling them, especially if they are of the heavy antique variety.

    • Old doors can be converted into full-length mirrors. All you need to do is add a plate glass in the middle.
    • A couple of these wooden doors can be connected to make a classy and discreet room partition.
    • Remove the fittings and other hardware, add a generous coating of polyurethane or some such wood coating, four legs on four corners and you have a unique table to put in your home.


    • For something more edgy, you can even use several old doors as wood paneling in your hall!

    Planters and containers for your flowers

    Any and every container from your kitchen can be repurposed to work as great container for your plants. Depending on the material they are made from, you can either use them indoors or outdoors. It is generally preferable to use metal containers indoors. They can also be used outdoors, but make sure that they are painted properly to prevent any kind of corrosion. Kettles, saucepans and even old crock pots can serve this purpose with little or no effort. One particularly zany idea found out there, using an old dresser turned into a multiple plant holder with each drawer holding different colored flowering plants.

    Where to find the resources for repurposing

    The number one source of old stuff to recycle would, of course, be your own home. Go through your storage closets, attics and basement. You are sure to find unused junk there that would be perfect for a repurposing exercise.

    If there is a renovation happening at your home or in your neighborhood that would be a great place to find raw materials for your projects.

    Also frequently go to garage sales and junk shops for real gems that can be turned into chic new home décor items with minimal effort and expense.

    It helps if you have any DIY enthusiasts among your friends. You could try swapping/exchanging stuff.

    Your extended family can be a great source of raw materials to focus your creativity on.

    As for inspiration, the one thing that has helped this kind of DIY activity is of course, the internet. On online forums like Pinterest, you can find a veritable treasure trove of DIY projects that enthusiasts have put up.

    Research, share and get inspired by others like you online to come up with great new repurposed articles for your home décor. Not only are you helping your own creativity, your pocket and your home environment, you are also doing some real good for the planet by ensuring minimal waste. Recycle, repurpose and reuse for a cleaner planet and more creative home environment!