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    Getting Started: Build an Oak Bookcase

    How to build an oak bookcaseNow that the third season of Getting Started in Woodworking has come to a close and I've got a nice little Shaker nightstand doubling as a side table in my living room, it's time for Asa and I to take a breath, come up with our next video series, and bring to your attention one of our previous projects. Actually, I shouldn't use the term "our," since Matt Berger, a former Fine Woodworking staffer, built this beautiful oak bookcase with Asa.


    Anyhow, season 2 of the Getting Started series is full of fantastic information on basic tool use and furniture construction. Here's are a few of the episode highlights:

    Ripping and crosscutting on the tablesaw Ripping and Crosscutting
    Learn how to set up your tablesaw for basic rip and crosscuts. You'll also learn how to use tablesaw accessories like push sticks and a splitter to keep yourself safe.
    Cutting dadoes and rabbets with a handheld router Rabbets and Dadoes with a Router
    Matt and Asa show you how to cut accurate dadoes and rabbets using a handheld router and a simple jig.
    Cutting curves with a jigsaw Cutting Curves with a Jigsaw
    Learn how to cut smooth curves using a bandsaw or a handheld jigsaw. You'll also learn a few tricks for drawing, sanding, and smoothing curves.
    Invisible screw joinery Invisible Screw Joinery
    Use screws to join your bookcase together, then learn tips for hiding those screws with wood plugs.