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    Power Sanders

    Speed up surface prep with these handy tools

    Power sanders aren’t “required” shop equipment, you can definitely get by with a sandpaper and a sanding block, but no one enjoys sanding so it’s nice to get a boost of electric power.

    A random-orbit sander is a great all-round tool. It’s a relatively gentle machine that doesn’t remove material too quickly and can be used regardless of grain direction. The “random” nature of the scratch pattern makes it less perceptible than other types of sanders.

    Another common tool is a belt sander. They can remove lots of material across large, flat surfaces.

    As your woodworking skills advance, you may consider some stationary power sanders like a spindle or drum sander.

    Use an spindle on curved parts. It’s a great way to remove jigsaw, scrollsaw, and bandsaw marks. A drum sander, on the other hand is meant for flat work, sanding stock smooth or taking it down to thinner dimensions than a thickness planer could.