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    Simple 3-Part Furniture Finish

    Learn how to apply an easy three-part finish to your furniture projects.

    Greg Paolini, a furniture maker and teacher in North Carolina, often finds some of his best woodworking students are driven batty when it comes to finishing their furniture projects. There are a myriad of choices available to woodworkers when it comes to finishing, but Greg's "3-2-1 method" is simple, easy-to-apply, and super tough.

    Here's the easy recipe:

    3 parts: paint thinner or mineral spirits
    2 parts: oil based polyurethane
    1 part: oil (boiled linseed oil)

    To apply the finish, just saturate the wood and sand the mixture into the grain using some fine-grit sandpaper. As the dust is worked into the wood's pores, it actually fills the grain, allowing for a super-smooth finish. After that, it’s just a matter of thoroughly wiping off the excess finish, allowing it to dry, and repeating the process.