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    Simple Stop Block Keeps the Dust Out

    A stop block is perhaps one of the most common shop devices used in woodworking. Whether they're used on a router table, a tablesaw, or a miter saw, stop blocks all serve the same function: to allow for consistent cuts. The humble stop block is most often used for cutting multiple pieces of stock to consistent lengths--imagine building a square side table with aprons and stretchers, all of the same length. In order to end up with four pieces that are exactly matched, you'll need to clamp a stop block to your miter gauge or tablesaw sled, and but the stock you're cutting up to it for consistent cuts.


    Sawdust Leads to Inaccurate Cuts

    There's just one problem, however: sawdust. In this short video, woodworking instructor Bob Van Dyke shows you how to build and use a simple stop block with a clever micro-adjust feature, that never suffers from dust-related accuracy problems. Watch the video, and you'll see exactly what I mean.