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    Woodworking Safety: The Ultimate Guide

    Woodworking is an inherently dangerous craft.

    It's a sobering message, but here's the safety notice that we print in every issue of Fine Woodworking magazine:

    "Using hand or power tools improperly or ignoring standard safety practices can lead to permanent injury or even death. Don’t perform operations you see here (or elsewhere) until you’re certain they are safe for you. If something about an operation doesn’t feel right, find another way. We want you to enjoy the craft, so please keep safety foremost in your mind.”

    Below is a list of references to help you stay safe using a variety of tools or when woodworking in general.

    Overall safety information:

    General Woodworking Safety: 10 Great Rules of Thumb
    Safety is Rule One: Tips from Michael Dunbar
    Protect Your Lungs from Cancer-Causing Dust
    Protect Your Eyes
    Protect Your Hearing
    Push Sticks: Essential Shopmade Helpers

    Tool-specific safety information:

    Bandsaw: Best Practices for Using this Tool
    Circular Saw Safety
    Hand Tools: Chisels, planes, saws, etc... they can do a lot of damage
    Jointer Safety
    Miter Saw Safety
    Planer: Best Practices for Use
    Router: Routing Safe and Sound
    Router Table: Video: Router Table Safety
    Router Table: 12 Tips for Router-Table Safety
    Sanders: Protect Yourself from Dust
    Tablesaw Safety

    For more, go to our roundup pages on Shop Safety and Safety Equipment.