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  • Part III: Build a Shaker Wall Cabinet
    Learn how to finish off your Shaker wall cabinet with a distressed milk paint finish.
    by Ed_Pirnik - member |
    August 25, 2011
    Part II: Build a Shaker Wall Cabinet
    Finish off this Shaker cabinet by adding a decorative arch to the top and building a solid door that won't cup over time
    by Ed_Pirnik - member |
    August 18, 2011
    Build a Shaker Wall Cabinet, Step-by-Step
    Learn how to build a simple Shaker wall cabinet using biscuit joinery.
    by Ed_Pirnik - member |
    August 11, 2011
    Getting Started in Woodworking: Build a Shaker Nightstand
    Getting Started in Woodworking: Season Three Build a Shaker Nightstand of American Walnut
    by Ed_Pirnik - member |
    April 29, 2011
    Build a Two-Sided Picture Frame
    Turn it around to change the picture
    October 13, 2010
    Build a Shaker-Inspired Wall Shelf
    A simple piece with sliding dovetails is a good excuse to make a versatile router jig
    by Peter_Turner - member |
    October 13, 2010
    Fixing Woodworking Mistakes
    Last week I wrote about covering unsightly face grain with beautiful quartersawn veneer.
    by Ed_Pirnik - member |
    October 20, 2011
    How to Hide Flat-Sawn Wood Grain
    About a week ago I began construction of a Shaker-style writing desk in pine. For anyone just starting out in woodworking, I can't recommend pine and poplar enough.
    by Ed_Pirnik - member |
    October 12, 2011
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