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  • Hand tools

    by dirtalert | November 7, 2015

    Metal woodworking clamps are capable of exerting a great deal of pressure, and all that pressure can result in some serious dings in your projects when it comes time to cinch down a clamp.

    by StartWoodworking | March 6, 2014

    If you’re new to surfacing or jointing lumber by hand using handplanes, you’ve probably already realized that this can be a tricky endeavor to execute successfully.

    by Ed_Pirnik | January 15, 2014

    Sharpening is perhaps one of the most intimidating, misunderstood aspects of woodworking. Fact is, most folks who think they’re working with sharp plane irons or chisels, aren’t.

    by Ed_Pirnik | October 3, 2013

    Eventually, as most budding woodworkers progress up the technique ladder, they'll reach a point where the siren song of handplanes just can't be ignored.

    by Ed_Pirnik | August 14, 2013

    What's the most accurate way to mark up a workpiece for joinery?

    by Ed_Pirnik | February 28, 2013

    Eventually, every budding woodworker will begin to wonder about handplanes. For some reason, these age-old tools hold a place of reverence in most woodworker’s tool collections.

    by Ed_Pirnik | September 20, 2012

    Have you thought of Kitchen cabinets online remodeling with your own ideas?

    by RickHardcastle | April 30, 2012

    Learn how to dial-in your measuring and marking for better-built furniture projects

    by Ed_Pirnik | September 15, 2011

    After awhile, when you've been doing woodworking for some time and have learned a few things, people start to ask "How did you do that?

    by DougStowe | July 7, 2011

    After “measure twice, cut once,” the most well-known woodworking saying is “you can’t have too many clamps.” And it’s true. But you can have enough clamps.

    by AsaC | February 12, 2011

    When you hear “woodworking safety,” you probably think of power tools, but hand tools can draw blood, too.

    by Matt_Berger | December 8, 2010

    You can never have too many of these handy shop helpers

    by StartWoodworking | November 16, 2010

    Turn a piece of steel into a traditional surface-prep tool

    by Bob_VanDyke | November 16, 2010

    Card scrapers offer a surface that even smoother than sandpaper

    by Bob_VanDyke | November 16, 2010

    Are you getting the most from your combination square?

    by Philip_Lowe | November 4, 2010

    An affordable method for keeping your planes and chisels sharp

    by AsaC | November 3, 2010

    The basics of handplaning a flat, smooth, and straight surface

    by Chris_Gochnour | November 3, 2010

    Paying attention to grain is critical

    by AsaC | November 2, 2010

    Build jigs quickly and accurately using the right materials, fasteners, and accessories

    by gary_rogoski | November 2, 2010
    by sfuda | October 26, 2010

    All about chopping and paring with chisels

    by AsaC | October 18, 2010

    When most folks begin to get serious in woodworking, they inevitably reach a point where the seductive handplane beckons.

    by Ed_Pirnik | September 15, 2010

    Demystifying the differences between hand planes

    by MKenney | September 15, 2010